Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Today I knitted a baby hat in wool for the Dulann project or the preemie project that I had started as a teaching project yesterday at the shawl knitting group. I've been asked to teach a couple of (prob slow paced) classes on knitting in the round for caps and things. I'm shocked and flattered, esp. since I've not been knitting even a year at this point. I'm going to work this week on a pattern and a handout. One of the members actually called on her cell phone to stop by and get some help picking up dropped stitches today. I was really happy to be able to help out.

Toddler sweater diaster!!!
DuH! I started a sweater for Joshua about 2 months ago or so. Today I tried it on and it completely doesn't fit. I'm going to do some rapid decreases and make it into a hat. An adult hat. I could scream. Really loudly. Next time I'm knitting a size above and with thick yarn and big ass needles!!!! At least it'll come out useful in it's life as a hat and it's wool so it'll be warm. It was some of that nice Paton's Classic Wool merino in a self striping colorway. To make up for this atrocity I am doing the measurements for another sweater using the Elizabeth Zimmerman book "Knitting without Tears" which seems appropiate somehow! I think I'm going to model the next one off a 3T sweater and go from there.

New Knitting group...I'm trying to organize a local knitting group similiar to my BAM group in SC which I really miss. Those ladies really inspired me and I didn't realize till I moved up here how fastpaced the learning enviroment was there! Hopefully I'll find knitters here and we'll all learn and enjoy ourselves learning new things about knitting just as much.

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