Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This is inspiring me...

I really wish I could remember where I found this picture. I think it may have been for sale on Ebay but it anyone knows the correct attribution please let me know. This is the weaving technique I'd like to learn this summer to begin weaving a belly band for my yurt as well as edges and trim for the fabric for my entry into the Outfit challenge. Is anyone familiar with this?
The Angel of Yarn and Roving
After taking Linda's class on dyeing I dyed some roving with the leftover dye from class and have now begun to spin it on my new Kundert 1.2 oz drop spindle. I haven't figured the precise wraps per inch yet. The roving itself is an 80s count fine merino from the Copper Moose and is extremely soft, even with the amount of twist I tend to put into my projects.

I'm also attempting to learn to do pickup weaving. I hope to get the Central Asian style down pat so I can do a very, very long decorative Yurt band this year from my yurt. Pics of the yurt are in last August's posts. Just signed up for a Central Asian rug felting class as well so I'm very excited.
Linda dyed this yarn and I love it!

Happy Memorial Day

Well, I'm working on spinning silk with the idea of trying to weave a small ribbon out of what I spin. This weekend I ended up working on spinning silk, learning the rudiments of pick up weaving, knitting a sock in a sockotta cotton blend, and spinning from the fold. Not too bad for vacation:>. It was really nice to have the DH playing with the toddler all weekend so I could relax. Once I dig out of the den full of dirty clothes and toys I'm hoping to start warping one of the 4 shaft looms to begin that project.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hi all

Well, it's been a few hectic months but I've been steadily increasing my spinning and knitting skills. A happy twist of fate has landed a LeClerc Nilus loom in my art studio for cheap, cheap, cheap so I'm going to also pursue my interest in weaving. My current obsession is the following blog... www.saralamb.blogspot.com

This artist has a yurt studio, Central Asian influences, and a kickbutt sense of color!