Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Angel of Yarn and Roving
After taking Linda's class on dyeing I dyed some roving with the leftover dye from class and have now begun to spin it on my new Kundert 1.2 oz drop spindle. I haven't figured the precise wraps per inch yet. The roving itself is an 80s count fine merino from the Copper Moose and is extremely soft, even with the amount of twist I tend to put into my projects.

I'm also attempting to learn to do pickup weaving. I hope to get the Central Asian style down pat so I can do a very, very long decorative Yurt band this year from my yurt. Pics of the yurt are in last August's posts. Just signed up for a Central Asian rug felting class as well so I'm very excited.
Linda dyed this yarn and I love it!

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