Friday, August 24, 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Some more pics from this summer's classes...

Here's some of the other student work from the Mehmet and Theresa class in Tenn. Everyone's work was very individual and fun to watch develop.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Here are three of the pouches from JCCFS two weeks ago. The small one is a water bottle holder based off a Kyrgyz one the teacher had. I still wish I'd made an off on it when she was selling stuff. The horse bag is interesting because I felted in locks along the top. Def. a fun and entertaining process. My dh felted in his sca persona name in Runic in the largest of the bags.

Whale of a tale or too much Finding Nemo...
While trying to make curly ques like the ones on that Finnish site about two entries ago I made my "whale hat". Here DH models it for our enjoyment:>. I think this one is about 3 days old. I'm currently working on a smaller pattern with a point for my toddler who is demanding his own "funny hat".

Our newest member...

Here's Tom, he's a French Angora I believe and is the sweetest, most personable rabbit!

Lost and Found

Here's the lost wool that was left at our house in June...I'm hoping someone will recognize it and come claim it.

I'm working on organizing the artstudio again so that I can get my projects and creative life in a bit of order. I despretely want to warp my big loom this month and start weaving for the fall. Felting is coming along well and I've been enjoying the use of Linda's drumcarder to create finer, better batts to felt with.
I really adore this work! It's so the opposite of my own, so unfettered and creative and modern. I Must make a hat like those someday. I tried recently but instead ended up with a hat that looks like a whaletail going down into the water. Pics will follow soon.

and the found item is...this Viking Funerary Plaque in Runic by John Charbonnet which is made of plaster with the design craved out then the surface painted. Friends down in SC are moving and sent it up with my dh today along with my Mirrix Tapestry Loom.

Monday, August 13, 2007

John C Campbell Folkschool

On top left...Our teacher, Karen Page, laying out a bag to show the class how to use a resist. On the top of the felt rugs from class. On the bottom left...Becky Walker and her inlaid Shyrdak. She also teaches felting and is an all around cool person! On the bottom right...this was our set up in the campground. For us this was camping light.