Sunday, August 19, 2007

Here are three of the pouches from JCCFS two weeks ago. The small one is a water bottle holder based off a Kyrgyz one the teacher had. I still wish I'd made an off on it when she was selling stuff. The horse bag is interesting because I felted in locks along the top. Def. a fun and entertaining process. My dh felted in his sca persona name in Runic in the largest of the bags.

Whale of a tale or too much Finding Nemo...
While trying to make curly ques like the ones on that Finnish site about two entries ago I made my "whale hat". Here DH models it for our enjoyment:>. I think this one is about 3 days old. I'm currently working on a smaller pattern with a point for my toddler who is demanding his own "funny hat".

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