Friday, November 24, 2006

"Black Friday"

Today, the day after Thanksgiving, people in the US loose their MINDS when it comes to shopping. The DH and I had to make an early trip out to Lowes for housepaint. To combat the projected long lines I brought my purse with my Pi shawl in it and knit while waiting for the paint to be mixed and also while in line. Hopefully if I keep plugging away at it I'll be able to get it done this next month. Life is crazy right now as we're moving out of a house a state away and into a house here and are down to one vehicle due to a wreck last month. I'm hoping to get some Christmas knitting projects started as soon as I get some comfy funiture in the new home so I can sit and knit without hurting my shoulder or back. Felting is on hiatus as well but I hope to pick it back up the first of the year. Housepainting and organizing is the name of the game currently.

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Windansea said...

I hope your home projects are going well and that you're still getting some knitting in!! Lydia