Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cautionary Walmart Tale and other things...

Last night while out at dinner our car died inexplicably. We had purchased it at Walmart within the last 3 years so we took it there to get it replaced as per their advertised warrenty. They refused to honor their replacement policy because they had "changed the numbers on the battery now so you'll have to buy a new one that has the current numbers". Walmart's return policy seemed very dishonest to me on this one and the service was crappy as usual. It was supposed to be covered, we bought it there, they failed to live up to there advertisements and policies. I won't be making anymore big purchases there unless it's an absolutely unavoidable situation. I've been reading and thinking a lot about "ethical shopping" and besides the horrible service am coming up with a lot of reasons to avoid shopping at Walmart. One of the things that interests me is the CSAs which I can't remember what it stands for but it's a buying club that purchases locally grown, organic foods. My big fear on that one is that I'm rather picky when it comes to veggies and I don't like a wide variety of them. In general I also prefer to buy from local businesses if at all possible rather than the souless chains that really don't do more than knock the mom and pop businesses out of service.

Yarn stash news...holey moley AC Moores was getting rid of their Alpaca, cashmerino, and mohair!!! I have a whole drawer full now---intant yarn stash at seriously discounted prices. I guess I better get cracking on Christmas and 12th Night presents which is what most of the stash is for. The mohair though is all mine--4 purple skeins and one white. I want to do a shawl and possible a lace scarf. I also want to start some more socks soon. The DH is so awesome...he just keep shoveling yarn in my cart as an early birthday present!

Today we went to a craftfair here in NC and meet a really nice gal. I hope to drag her into yarn mischief and arts&science goodness (lets see if we can get her addicted to felting or spinning!). I'm hoping to take some more spinning lessons soon from Lydia as well---try out the spinning wheel. If I could spin that way without hurting my shoulder I'd really be interested in spinning and then dying my own wool.

Felting for the vest is done at the first stage of the project. I now need to refine the vest pattern and test it before cutting on the felt. I'm really happy with it thus far and I hope to have a working vest by December. After that I have a super uber felting/garb project to begin that I hope to have complete by Tourney of Ymir (assuming they have it) in Febuary. Any later and it'll be too hot to wear it:>. I also had fun felting some lavender dreads from the SAFF wool that had been dyed with logwood and rinsed in amonia. Wore that out to dinner but our friends didn't seem to like them. Oh well, I did and the DH did and that's what matters.:>

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