Monday, July 03, 2006

Ultimate Sock Chart

I've found the motherlode!!! is a website for getting your own wool to dye and appears to have reasonable prices. Better than that even is the following link, which is a chart of how to make socks! I'm extremely excited about this chart.

If I understand the pdf sock chart correctly I should be able to use it to make any socks for anyone based on a few measurements instead of guessing.

This weekend's progress...I have finished my first pair of CIC socks and am working on a second pair with a Ram's Horn pattern in blue and white. I've really surprised myself with how easy (if you can follow a chart) adding a pattern can be. I'm going to finish these socks this week then try and get another Chemo cap done before Wednesday night for BAMBAM girls knitting group.

I'm trying to figure out how to spruce up this blog with a projects graph, pictures, and links but I"m not to skilled with that sort of thing.

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