Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Since it's too cold to garden right now and littleman is sleeping so I have some quiet time I've been looking at ideas and websites of urban and suburban gardeners/farmers to get ideas for small space growing. I think I have Way more potatos to plant then I have potato boxes so I'll need to pull some wool out of the extra trashcan and get that set up for planting this week. I may need to set up more then that one. I want to find out if sweet potatos can be grown that way cause I have a lot of them with slips on them ready to go. Another project I've been looking at is self watering containers made from things like plastic soda bottles. We don't buy any but we have friends who do and it seems like it'd increase the usuable, plantable real estate in the backyard. I haven't had much luck regular container gardening cause they just dry out too fast (plus I'm forgetful about them). Also still need to make the clay pot irrigators for the upper garden as an experiment. I have a ton of clay pots down at the old house but no plans to go there for months so I guess I'll be buying some around here:<. It'll still be cheaper then the gas to go get the old ones. After tonights freeze I'm going to pop some hardy spring transplants into the ground like leeks and cabbage and cross my fingers. I know this violates the "don't plant till after Easter" rule but they are cold weather plants. My mom is still in shock at the concept:>.

So the entry on this one today is about SIPs with nice links

nice tutorials

and for fun....Rebar in the Garden...maybe I'm just too Scadian cause this seems like a cool idea to

I have an old clawfoot bathtub in the family that I'd also love to find a semi-tasteful way to incorporate into the yard. Maybe filling with dirt and planting with big, overflowing flowers or something:>.

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