Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cheap, homemade potato chips

I am having a lot of fun exploring how to minimize the things in the pantry.  Last night I made yogurt with a crockpot and dry milk.  Tonight I experimented with making potato chips!  Now, there is a fine line between a potato chip and home fries which took a bit of time to discover but once sucessful....YuMMY!  Surprisingly the best chips to come out were the ones I microwaved rather then frying on the stove.  I still want to try the oven with a batch.  I'll be doing that again though.  I don't buy chips for the house at all...too much of a temptation and too little value for the price.  This would be a nice way to have a treat and keep the serving the right size.  Also I brought out some of the plain yogurt and used it as a sour cream sub. as a base for french onion dip.  It worked wonderfully!  We used both white and sweet potatos.  ----this recipe worked the best.  

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