Monday, September 17, 2007

Well, as predicted Ravelry is crack for knitters and crocheters. I wish they included features for felters, spinners, and weavers though. The long awaited warping of the new to me Leclerc Nilus 45 inch 4 shaft (6 really) loom is tomorrow. I just finished the last couple of warp chains for the fibonnaci starter scarf that Sara M. helped me extensively with to design. I've picked up the room a bit as well in anticipation of company. I have too much stuff in that studio! I think I need a bigger studio, maybe a yurt in my backyard:>:>:>.
Charity knitting and blankets was AWESOME at the meeting yesterday. I can't believe the generosity and skill of our fiber folks!

current projects:
peacock poncho
forest canopy shoulder shawl
1 sockotta sock

charity sweater
J's sweater
fingerless gauntlests for present

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